New Music: Teyana Taylor “Valentine”

Between filming two movies, Teyana Taylor has made time to hop in the studio! Check out new music from her, called “Valentine”… It has a retro meets r&b vibe to it. I’m definitely feeling it!

@TeyanaTaylor ft. Ludacris “Smooches” vs. Sean Garret ft. GUCCI vs. Young Joc

There was a bit of a tizzy involving Kelly Rowland “stealing” Teyana Taylor’s “Smooches” single… Some say Sean Garret and Young Joc had the original version (meaning Teyana and Kelly both stole some junk)… Either way, I absolutely LOVE Teyana’s version! I’ve had it on repeat for like the last 5 days LOL

Check out the different versions …which one do you like best? I f*ck with the GUCCI version! (last one)

Teyana Taylor X Kontrol Mag

This isn’t super new, but it is super dope.

Teyana Taylor, Teairra Marie and Melyssa Ford did a photo shoot for Kontrol Magazine. The magazine is available to view online at Kontrol Magazine . com. Here are a few modeling shots curtosey of Teyana Taylor (who by the way is a complete powerhouse in my book; talented rapper, singer, dancer and model). Fetch.

Click thumbnails for larger images

Swag. Period.

In most fashion relationships, opposites often attract, and work best. Hip Hop artist Teyana Taylor has awesome style. Not too many ladies can pull off the “little-boy” look, although many try daily. Check her out.

She mixes hip hop glam (yeah I made that up) with street spark. Expressing her style in the form of graphic tees, exclusive jimmy’s, cool shades, big hair, loose denim, and flashy jewels…Teyana is considered a trendsetter.

Swag. Period.

Nice to meet you!

Lets face it.

Fashion influences people.

People influence stuff.

Fashion is considered stuff.

SO I’m guessing…

{(fashion) / (stuff) x (stuff) / (people) }= Fashion / People

….haha sorry makes NO sense (well if you work it out…it kind of does).

BUT…here are some people who influence MY fashion…