All grown up!

Can you guess who this is? Like forreal…guess


Give up? It’s friggen actress DAKOTA FANNING!?!?! All grown up, and beautiful! Sporting (there’s that word again) a navy blue silk jumper, at The Late Show with David Letterman. She was also named #9 best dressed, on Teen Vogues “Top Ten Best Dressed: February 2009”. Cute!!

March 2009

Guess who is on the cover of Nylon Magazines March 2009 issue…

Twilight’s own, Kristen Stewart! She is a cutie, not to mention a wonderful actress. Catch her in Twilight (its out on DVD and blue ray NOW!!) dating a Vampire. So yeah, I probably should date a vampire too 🙂


I’m a Barbie girl!

I absolutely love Barbie! When I was younger I owned almost every Barbie that was available. My mom used to buy me two of the same Barbie, so I could play with one, and collect the other. LOL

At the time I thought it was silly, but now I kinda see what my mommy was trying to do. Anyway (done running down memory lane) this year marks Barbie’s 50th Anniversary! and Hunny looks FABULOUS, as always!