4AM Cover By @ShanteeTyler

Take a listen to this new cover from Shantee Tyler.

“4AM” is originally performed by Melanie Fiona, but check out how Ms. Tyler puts her spin on it. I totally fux with this song in general (the lyrics are sick).

…I’m going to go ahead and laugh my ass off at the camera man.

Check out Shantee’s YouTube Channel here –> ShanteeTylerTV

“All I Need” Remake – @SaintNickMC Featuring @ShanteeTyler

Check out the Official Video of “All I Need” – Saint Nick featuring Shantee Tyler.

A remake of Method Man and Mary J. Blidge’s popular 90’s anthem, St. Nick and Shantee Tyler take this song to another level. The lyrical talent and vocal masterization is crazy. (I may have just made up a word there, but you get the point)

Video credits got to Triple M Media.

Check out Shantee Tyler’s official Youtube.com page here.

Shantee Tyler :: Lauren Hill ‘Ex Factor’ Cover

The thing is…Lauren Hill is a musical legend. Her vocals are virturally unmatched. The other thing is…whenever you sound fcuking amazing singing one of her songs…you’re pretty much the sh!t.

What I’m trying to say is…Shantee Tyler is the shit. And I’m a fan.

Check out her cover of Lauren Hill’s “Ex Factor”. Make sure to be on the look out for more music from this songbird.

ShanteeTylerTV on youtube.com