Shanell For Married To The M.O.B.

I can’t say I agree with M.O.B.’s choice of representation.. I can say that Young Money’s artist, Shanell, looks nice.. I couldn’t actually picture her in M.O.B. apparel though.. I mean, outside of this shoot.. Well maybe.

For its second set of Autumn deliveries, M.O.B. called on singer Shanell to rep its line. She’s one of a long line of unapologetic females who’s social image defines what this label stands for.

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NEW MUSIC : Shanell feat. @NickiMinaj “Cupids Got A Gun”

You watched me fall. Stood over me as I hit the ground. Then you whispered his name in my ear…

Um HELLO PEOPLE do you understand what this means? Or at least to me.

Love. What is that thing? Cupid. Who is this guy. When you fall in love, you lose yourself. Do you die and become a better person, fueled with love and dedication to someone else? Do you just lose yourself.  Or is my imagination being bigger than me right now?

Anyway – check out the new joint from Shanell feat. Nicki Minaj “Cupids Got A Gun” …(whispers) Young Mula Bay-Bee.