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Trey Songz new photo shoot 🙂 Yummy

Blast from the Past!

Ok weak title…What you want me to do? I’m sorry!

Anyway, so I was eliminated from MSU Next Top Model 😦 In the words of Lupe “Didn’t really make me sad, I’m used to being a loser” …LOL just kidding 🙂

…BUT  I got to do a cool vintage inspired shoot before I got the boot 🙂 I got to portray Dorothy Dandridge! So if you don’t know about her, you probably have NO CULTURE. Ok that was harsh…but seriously, if you don’t know about her, read up people!

She was one of the first African American actress/singers in America! So in many ways she paved the way for many actresses and singers today! She was a BEAUTY too 🙂 Ms. Dandridge started her career when she was a child, doing shows with her older sister. She eventually made her own career by singing in night clubs and such. Mrs. Dandridge later began doing movies; most popular (to me) for her role in Carmen…check it out

So…all that to say this….I got to dress up like her! Here are some pics from the shoot 🙂 By the way…I put together my own outfit, based off pictures I found of her on




MSU Next Top Model

After four years of attending Michigan State University, I FINALLY decided to participate in an on-campus activity! Yay me 😎 Better later than never.  MSU Next Top Model.

Any-hoot…So the thing is, ten girls were chosen out of like twenty-five, to compete in an America’s Next Top Model spoof. We all had to audition, record a confessional, strut out stuff in our highest heels, and other crap like that.

I hate taking pictures, so my personality obviously shined through because they picked me, and they used a portion of me singing “I’m going down” by Mary J. Blidge, for the promotional video footage! LMBO! Embarrassing because I CANT sing!

As I get photos from the various shoots….I’ll update this post. Until then, here is a group shot!


Here are my two Fav shots from the outdoor shoot (that I missed…got me put in the bottom 3 😦 I wont miss any more…promise)