MTTM Summer Lookbook Preview 2012

Modeled by made M.O.B. woman Sarah McSweeney and rap artist Curren$y, Married To The Mob released their 2012 Summer looks. Naturally I am drawn to the offensive wordplay. Check out a few pics when you read more.

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Married To The MOB Spring 2012 Collection

The beloved Most Official B*tches released the lookbook for their Spring 2012 collection. This time they have featured several graphic prints, a supreme bish headline, and a few men’s items. Naturally, they used the pretty chic and spunky, Gita, to spice up the tees.

Read more for other tee’s and lookbook links.

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Married To The MOB’s Fall 2010 First Look: Tayana Henry

Check out the first look at Married To The Mob’s Fall 2010 ’s releases, featuring model/designer Tayana Henry.

This brand has definitely evolved. Fetch right?

Click thumbnails for larger images.

My personal favorite is the “Oui” sweat shirt. *adds to wish list*


I really love Married to the M.O.B!

Although 99.9% of their stuff contains some type of obscene word or phrase (LOL), they make very stylish stuff. My personal fav’s are their Tee-shirts and Hoodies. The pants and stuff can get a little too busy for my taste, but I’ve still seen people pull them off.

So…for a while I though I was they only chic on MSU campus with the infamous “Money over B-word’s” shirt (SO wrong), since that’s not true anymore or probably never was, I still like to think I was one of the firsts :-p

Here are a few cool shots of their stuff. Check them out.