For Colored Girls Only

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf is a 1975 play by Ntozake Shange.

I am extremely excited to see this film.  It hit theaters November 5th. Who’s going to go with me??

Random – Today at work an older black woman asked me if I was mixed. When I told her “no”, she looked me up and down and with a shocked tone said “both of your parents are African American? I’m not suggesting that two black people can’t make a beautiful child, but you are really something else. You’re gorgeous. What are you mixed with?” …because I had already told her I was not mixed with anything, I said “I’m mixed with mommy and daddy mostly”. She was not too pleased with my answer, but I wasn’t too pleased with her reiteration of the question.

Official Trailer: Why Did I Get Married Too

Remember when I showed you guys a small clip of Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too”? Well the official trailer is here, and when I say it looks rather freaking interesting, I mean it looks like it is going to be the sh*t.

Particulars on this mug (like the release date) have not been released yet, so stayed tuned.