Jay You Ready?

No really …are you guys ready?

Ok so I hear about this young dude making noise on the music tip. I check him out. I’m blown away. His lyrical content resembles a more seasoned artist. His vocals are so drenched in emotion, that you feel each and every word, ad-lib, cough, sneeze, whatever! Dude is sick …in a good way. Reminiscent of a young Joe Budden in his prime. Check him out.

When asked about being compared to these rappers he says,Who wouldn’t feel honored to be compared to some of the greatest rappers alive? I am heavily influenced by the longevity and successful careers of artists like Weezy, Jigga and Nas. But, my style is my own.

Check out one of my favorite Jay Beretta tracks “I’m Ready” – featuring Tynisha Keli

Quick question: Does it make me a pedophile because I think he is hot? I mean he almost 18 right?? Just kidding 🙂

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