Jhene Aiko – 3:16am …Official Video @JheneAiko

Yes. YEs. YES.

I have been waiting MONTHS for the ever so beautiful and talented Jhene Aiko┬áto release the full version of her track “3:16am”. Not only did she release the full version…but she also released super gloomy visuals to accompany it!

I do not feel the fear of falling…

Read more to check out the video and more info on Jhene Aiko.

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Late Night Funny: Falling.

I admittedly have the weirdest sense of humor. This video was entirely too funny (to me). It was probably funny because I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I were present while any of this took place.

The general response was “are you ok?” …which tells me we have decent people in the world (I would’ve laughed my ASS OFF. But then again, I’m not that decent).

The new thing is “Fall-ing”…

Read more for “Falling Part 2”.

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