OFFICIAL VIDEO: Diddy-Dirty Money – Loving You No More (feat. Drake)

Time out. I like the video. It’s real calm. But…what is the fascination with multicultural women? Always the main girl, or the “prized woman” in videos. I asked my friend, and he simply said “It’s just the exotic look. It be like that”. Time in.

I love this song. I wasn’t hating; the main girl is beautiful!

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PSA For Bad Relationships! Dirty Money Ft. Drake “Love You No More”

When I say that I totally bang with this joint, I am not playing. Ok? Who did this? Ok. Who did this. Am I more happy that Diddy isn’t rapping on this song, or that it speaks volumes in the relationship department? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter too much anyway. And does Drake go hard or what?

Why are bad relationships so easy to sing about? Like, why do the words just come to you like that? HELLO.

Check out “Love You No More” – Dirty Money ft. Drake

…and Drake, honey. I wouldn’t do you wrong. Trust me.

Drake “Find Your Love”

Aside from the fact that I may have the worlds biggest crush on Drake … I think he is talented as crap. I think I love everything (musically related, sorry Jimmy) he has ever touched. This joint included.

I fux with it! Can’t wait for it to be actually released! I need this in my headphones!

“…I better find your lovin. I better find your heart…”

P.S. I am ready for Kanye to come off this hiatus. Please and Thank You 🙂

Drake X Complex Mag

Everyone’s favorite Young Money artist covers the February 2010 issue of Complex Magazine. Looking scrumptous per usual, check out Drake…

Here is a small excerpt from his interview:

As smooth as your entry to the rap world was, you only stumbled when people questioned your choices, like the video for “Best I Ever Had.”

Drake: You can do something you believe in and people will still say, “This shit is terrible!” But I still believe in Kanye’s vision. Maybe we didn’t do a great job with getting the point across—it was supposed to be a humorous video. When I read the comments, I was like, Man, I guess no one wants to laugh anymore. Everybody wants the fairy tale, you know?

For an artist who’s perceived to be so multifaceted, it was interesting to see people try to put you in a box: “How could he do this? This is degrading to women!”

Drake: If you listen to the lyrics, it’s really not a romantic song. It’s humorous. Yes, it’s great to tell a woman, “You’re the best I ever had.” But the hook was so lovey-dovey that I just wanted to make the verses some fun shit. And that’s how I viewed that song. Like a good time, like a laugh.

Click here to read the rest of the interview at

Drake Room For Improvement Mixtape

Random Find: Drake released his mixtape entitled ‘Room For Improvment‘.

Kinda dope for a few reasons: Its not the first version of the mixtape, hence the name ‘room for improvement’, and of course it’s Drake. C’mon son.

Click here to download -Drake ‘Room For Improvement’ Mixtape!

-apparently this is only new to me LOL …sawy guys! I mean, I have the first one, and I thought this version was a little different (clearly only a DJ and a few old verses). Wups.