Hilarious Roommate Notes

I’m pretty sure that we have all done the roommate thing once in our life – and we can all agree it was an interesting experience. While blog surfing I came across some really funny “notes” left behind by roommates.

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The Morning After…

I thought this was funny. Not like super OMG this is hilarious; but like ok I’ll put this on my blog funny.

I laughed right until after the whole actualization of where they were at…then I just kinda stared at the screen. I’ve never been in a morning after type of situation, have you?


Rain On The Parade: Class of 2011, Most Indebted Ever

So when I’m not looking at fashion or music related crap on the internet (and out in the world)…I brush up on my current events. Especially if it pertains to my living conditions in the years to come.

I came across an interesting article about the debt for college grads this year (2011). Although the article basically goes on to say that going to college and collecting the student loan debt is ultimately worth it, it does still suck a big one. . .

I have a bunch of thoughts and opinions about debt, college, graduating, and jobs…but I’ll save that for a later post.

By: Mark Whitehouse

$22,900: Average student debt of newly minted college graduates

The Class of 2011 will graduate this spring from America’s colleges and universities with a dubious distinction: the most indebted ever.

Even as the average U.S. household pares down its debts, the new degree-holders who represent the country’s best hope for future prosperity are headed in the opposite direction. With tuition rising at an annual rate of about 5% and cash-strapped parents less able to help, the mean student-debt burden at graduation will reach nearly $18,000 this year, estimates Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of student-aid websites Fastweb.com and FinAid.org. Together with loans parents take on to finance their children’s college educations — loans that the students often pay themselves – the estimate comes to about $22,900. That’s 8% more than last year and, in inflation-adjusted terms, 47% more than a decade ago.

In the long run, the investment is probably worth it. Education is a much better reason to borrow money than buying cars or McMansions, and it endows people with economic advantages that the recession and slow recovery have only accentuated. As of 2009, the annual pre-tax income of households headed by people with at least a college degree exceeded that of less-educated households by 101%, up from 91% in 2006. As of April, the unemployment rate among college graduates stood at 4.5%, compared to 9.7% for those with only a high-school diploma and 14.6% for those who never finished high school.

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19 Things That Are ONLY O.K. In College

College gives you a degree as well as the freedom to act like a college kid. It’s like your student ID is a ‘get by free’ pass, and just about anything goes. Wonderful. I miss college 😦

So here is a list of the 19 things that are only OK in college (so once you hit the “real world” stop the madness):

1. Eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And considering that a valid meal.

2. Sundays dedicated to your roommates slowly filtering in from walks of shame.

3. Coffee at 9….P.M.

4. Waking up on the bathroom floor.

5. Using abbrevs (LOL, Totz, OMG, Fo shiz) and movie quotes in normal day conversations.

6. Wearing the same jogging pants for 3 days because “you’re class is at 8 a.m.”

7. (Hopefully) Pulling all-nighters.

8. Wearing Uggs for any and all occasions.

9. Storing mini shots of Smirnoff in your purse “just in case you need them.”

10. Using empty bottles of Smirnoff and other liquor bottles as a form of home decor.

11. Having a drawer full of t-shirts dedicated to drinking events.

12. Drinking until 5AM and sleeping until 3PM. Then waking up and doing it again.

13. Calling in to work because you are hungover.

14. Calling in to work because it’s the first nice day of the season.

15. Drinking before noon. On a Tuesday.

16. Duct-taping two forties to your hands and calling it a game.

17. Dressing up like a huge slut-bag for Halloween…three days in a row.

18. Considering lightly jogging to class (because you’re late) a great work-out for the day.

19. Scheduling your obligations around your favorite television episodes.

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