New Luxury? ‘Ballin’ Tee – Brian Lichtenberg

Check out the “Ballin” tee from Brian Lichtenberg, as seen on r&b artist Ciara in her new video “Body Party”. I don’t usually support the knock off luxury brands (because their products will eventually put me out of a job)…but I see what they’re trying to do, and this particular adaptation was kinda cute!



There are several designers that make this tee for a wide range of prices. I guess thats the business of knock off.

More pics and purchase information when you read more.

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Style Collabo In Effect!

Are you guys sick of this symbolism crap? People are totally raping this satanic symbolism stint. These shirts are dope though. LOL

Style announced last week it was planning a tee-shirt collabo with some of the industry’s hottest designers to celebrate its 10 years in the business. Check out sneak peeks of the designs from Lanvin, Alex Wang, Givenchy, Proenza Schouler and Balmain; with the common design theme being a Roman numeral 10.

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The $1625 Balmain Slashed Army Tee Shirt. Yes, $1625 For a TEE SHIRT.

I can usually justify an absurd price tag as it relates to quality, craftmanship  or even  prestige.  However when a simple cotton t-shirt with random cut holes is priced at$1625, I have to publicly disagree .

I love  a ripped tee but , but can you really justify the price? Nope. Via net-a-porter.

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