Gotham Magazine: Amber Rose

Amber Rose is featured in this month’s issue of Gotham magazine, in a feature entitled “Bright Young Things.” The theme of the feature is up-and-coming New Yorkers. She is featured here with Olympians Tim Morehouse and Jason Rogers.

It’s been interesting to watch Amber’s career develop.

All things inappropiate

Kanye really got it in @ the VMA’s.

I’m not even mad at him though. Twitter was definitely blowing up with the hilariousness too! AND Beyonce cleaned it up well (Papa Knowles and that PR baby!) …so Im over it 🙂 Here are some funny tweets LOL

RT @JWarren616 RT @KeyGreen: #kanyewest is the reason why people thought we weren’t ready for a black president.

RT @DayNese I bet every one is afraid to accept their award now! LOL

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What I’m not over, is this pic…huh?


That’s not appropriate. Like the entire picture…Leather shirt? Snake skin jumper? King Tut necklace? Grab her booty and pinch? “My barber fell asleep while cutting my hair” cut? Yak in my mug, inspired by Hennessy?

No NO no…blame it on the “yak in my mug”