I WAS HERE. Beyonce Ya’ll.

King Bey released the visuals to her make-you-cry-on-demand track “I Was Here”, in recognition of World Humanitarian Day! Listen, if you don’t go out and hug a stranger after listening and watching, you aren’t human.


Read more for the video. I’m slightly retarded, so excuse the small size.

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Happy New Years!

So it’s 2012! For those of you that got left behind in the rapture…check out a few flicks of my night! I got to hang with one of my most bestest friends ever and her fiance’. They are a pretty cool team, and together we painted the town all sorts of colors and shit. A highlight of my night was walking down a cement hill and almost busting my ass. But because I’m so seventh letter…I didn’t 🙂 …These heels were made for walking!

Another notable moment was being in traffic when the clock struck 12! That was a first! Happy New Year!

I didn’t make any new resolutions…mostly because I still haven’t fulfilled the ones from 2011. So my plan is to work on just being a better me; flaws and all. I would say the whole “stop talking to crazy people” could be a resolution, but I started that about a month ago. Progress!

How did you guys bring in the new year?