Not Anymore :-p

I just wanted to add this song. Showing support for my boy, Bei Maejor! He is one of the most talented dudes I know. Writer! Producer! College graduate (that says a lot in the music industry)! Swag outrageous! Great guy…

LeToya Luckett’s OFFICIAL 1st single from her sophomore CD entitled “Lady Love” due on April 7, 2009…. written by Ne-Yo and BANGER produced by Bei Maejor.

It’s tight forreal. Enjoy!

Swag. Period.

In most fashion relationships, opposites often attract, and work best. Hip Hop artist Teyana Taylor has awesome style. Not too many ladies can pull off the “little-boy” look, although many try daily. Check her out.

She mixes hip hop glam (yeah I made that up) with street spark. Expressing her style in the form of graphic tees, exclusive jimmy’s, cool shades, big hair, loose denim, and flashy jewels…Teyana is considered a trendsetter.

Swag. Period.

Nice to meet you!

Lets face it.

Fashion influences people.

People influence stuff.

Fashion is considered stuff.

SO I’m guessing…

{(fashion) / (stuff) x (stuff) / (people) }= Fashion / People

….haha sorry makes NO sense (well if you work it out…it kind of does).

BUT…here are some people who influence MY fashion…


Origin of Fashion

Random…but I found this interesting. According to

Fashion refers to the styles and customs prevalent at a given time. In its most common usage, “fashion” exemplifies the appearances of clothing, but the term encompasses more. Many fashions are popular in many cultures at any given time. Important is the idea that the course of design and fashion will change more rapidly than the culture as a whole.

…wonder would my little cousin understand this? LOL

Not your typical drivers license

New Media Drivers license is a course designed to teach people about internet media and useful communication tools. Introducing a multitude of potential free advertising and networking websites, this course can be used for both business and pleasure.

This class uses online communities such as Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and Linkedin (to name a few) to help people explore the internet and various business markets.  These online mediums also help people make connections with other people all over the world, and strengthen their network.

OK…so enough boring disclaimer stuff. This class is pretty amazing thus far. Any class where you are required to use social realms like facebook, can be nothing more than the greatest.

No exams, minimal homework, and lots of interaction!

Personally I wish this class had separate tiers and concentrations, like a series, so that I could take this course each year. I definitely recommend this course for students and business men/women, especially given the new demand of internet savvy individuals in the job market.

Another cool aspect  is that upon successful (yes, you have to do your work, and do it well) completion of the course you get a Media Drivers License. SO…that means tell all your potential employers you are licensed to drive media…LOL…no seriously!

Drivers License
Drivers License Required