2013 Destiny’s Child Reunion?

So apparently Destiny’s Child is set to do a reunion album for 2013! If this is at all true, I am more excited than an Atlanta chic in a club VIP section. And if they decide to do a tour? My goodness.

2005 World Music Awards - Show

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It’s not a joke nor a rumor: Destiny’s Child has reunited and it feels so good. Well, we can’t be sure how Beyoncé, Michelle and Kelly feel about it, but it feels really good for us.

They’re releasing a 14-track album called Love Songs, which is a compilation of their most sensual hits along with a new single called “Nuclear.” So it’s safe to say that it’ll be less “Bug A Boo” and “No Scrubs” and heavier on songs like “Emotion.” Either way, we hope it means a performance at Barclays Center and more matching outfits.—RAY SIEGEL


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