What To Expect When You’re Expecting..

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced that they have gone from boyfriend and girlfriend to baby mama and baby daddy. Congrats to the couple! I can’t wait to see the little prince or princess!


Video footage of Kanye confirming the pregnancy and my brief thoughts on Kim Kardashian when you read more.

So here is the thing, a lot of my friends slander Kim K whenever possible. I don’t know her so I typically keep my comments to myself. Granted, she broadcasts everything from what she eats, what she dreams about, and even when she gets her period…so I guess people can draw some sort of conclusion as to who she is.

But we don’t really know her.

People say she’s this big hoe.. and I mean numbers don’t lie, but I think people judge her a little too harsh. Compute the number of dudes you and your crew smashed versus who she “supposedly” rolled around in the hay with.. The difference between her and ya’ll is the caliber of d*ck she’s been getting. Also, the ways she turns that supposed hoe-stardom into stocks, bonds, brands, and companies. Grow up guys 🙂 ..She seems a bit dramatic, but nonetheless, normal.


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