Random. Hello Friends.

I’m not sure whats more pure than your very first bestfriendship. Everything is extremely simple and effortless at that age. Friendships at this age aren’t as easy; to nurture and maintain any relationship takes time and significant effort.

I have totally been a terrible friend lately. I haven’t necessarily been physically partaking in heinous acts of random unkindness, but I haven’t actually been emotional/physically available for my friends. A disappearing act at its greatest. I tend to hide in my shell when things get a little rough and come out once I’ve either devised a plan or carried out a solution.

So my current plan is to open up again. And I started by returning countless texts, emails and voice-mails.

While I will continue to be a work in progress, I feel great satisfaction in what I have achieved.  The friendships with my girlfriends are so incredibly meaningful to me and bring joy and comfort daily.  Girlfriends feed each other’s soul. My soul is feeling pretty happy  and full these days.

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I am me and I do things that I do. What of it?

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