J. Alexanders NO LONGER Serves…

I am disturbed. I need to vent.

As an honorary fat child, it is with great pain that I must announce J. Alexander’s no longer serves the beloved Steak Maui.

I’m a creature of habit. I am one of those people that order the same thing from any restaurant I go to, and quite frankly this is not the first (and fear not the last) time this has happened to me. My favorite restaurant in the world is J. Alexander’s. Everyone who knows me, knows this fact. They also know that the only thing I ever order is the fcuking Steak Maui.

And now its gone.

Olgas did this to me a few years back. I used to get the buffalo chicken Olga with curly fries. Discontinued. Right under my nose. Wendy’s did this to me. I used to get the buffalo chicken sandwich from there. Discontinued. KFC boneless honey barbecue wings. Discontinued (for a short time). . .I like chicken.

I would go on…but there is nothing I can do now. I wish they would have sent out some kind of email or alert. Geesh.

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6 thoughts on “J. Alexanders NO LONGER Serves…”

  1. This is no lie. I called 3 different J. Alexander’s and they discontinued it. I’m like “bro whats your deal.”

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