New Music: “Cocky & Arrogant” – @OffRip Ft. Joe Budden and Royce 5″9

Detroit has talent. My city produces greatness on a daily basis.

Not your ordinary rapper; this guy flows with emotion, spits clever metaphors, devours the competition, and rides the beat. Simultaneously.

Allow me to introduce Off Rip.

Check out for more music, photos, and info on dude.

P.S. Raise your hand if you noticed how f-word-ing hot Joe Budden was in the video. I’d beat. For sure.

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5 thoughts on “New Music: “Cocky & Arrogant” – @OffRip Ft. Joe Budden and Royce 5″9”

  1. Then Imma have to keep my hand down, Budden’s easy on the eyes, dope rhymes, but a lil uncomfortable in front the cam. But Royce is looking Sex-yy as hell and He F’in murdered this!

  2. yoo this is good! I’d bump it fo sho! They all spittin dopeness, Royce slayed it tho! where we get it?

  3. I Really Like this, its catchy! He can spit, & They all brought it, but Royce totally killed it! Esp the last half of his verse! Royce is a PROBLEM ya hear!

    How do I get this on my Ipod??

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