7 Sex Truths Everyone Should Know

I found a pretty interesting article during my mid-day internet spaz. Articles that talk about sex usually catch my attention. Not for perverted reasons, but because how humans respond, interpret and analyze sexual behavior is interesting/funny.

You WILL be surprised by truth number 6.

7 Sex Truths Everyone Should Know

Judy Dutton, author of “Secrets from the Sex Lab,” shares 7 sex truths we all should know.

Here are 7 potentially surprising sex facts everyone should know:

1. Get frisky with 12 people before settling down. Mathematicians have actually crunched the numbers on this, and while it’s too complex to explain in full, here’s the gist: When it comes to picking a great mate, your chances of picking right improve the more people you meet—up to a point. Settle down with your first or second sweetheart, and the fact that you have so few points of comparison means the odds are high that you may be selling yourself short. Mow through thirty potential soul mates, though, and you likely have passed over someone who could actually make you happy were you to drop your pickiness. The right balance, it seems, is to carry on a romance with twelve people, then settle down with the very next person who floats your boat.

2. Men ogle women’s faces more than their bodies. When women strip down, they’re often worried that men are eyeing their thunder thighs. Scientists tracked men’s eyes to see where they land on naked photos. The result? Men spend the majority of their time looking at women’s faces—not their bare bodies. Guys may not even realize they’re doing this, but they are! Scientists theorize that the reason for this is that women’s faces contain clearer cues to their arousal levels than their bodies. Men, in other words, want to know that a woman is enjoying herself in bed—that’s far more important to them than whether she looks porn-star perfect. So relax!

3. Size really doesn’t matter. Men will be relieved to know that the size of their penis doesn’t impact women’s ratings of their performance in bed. Scientists know this because they’ve actually measured hundreds of male volunteers’ packages, then compared their dimensions to the total number of orgasms each delivered in the sack. They found that big and small models alike give the same number of orgasms.

4. The way your date smells matters more than looks. No matter how attractive people appear, the way they smell is a far better predictor of chemistry. That’s because your nose is a keen instrument for smelling a genetic blueprint called the major histocompatability complex, or MHC. When certain people smell good, that means their MHC is complementary to your own, which means you’d produce strong offspring if you tried. When someone’s MHC is not a good match to your own, you won’t like the way they smell, and will probably move on.

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