August 2010 ReCap By Taylor

Random as hell. Slightly theraputic.

Recap of August 2010.

I’m not sure if anyone is interested in a recap of my personal August 2010 experience, but I am most certainly interested in sharing. Normally I am not as open about things that go on in my everyday life; however, a close friend suggested this may make my blog a little bit more interesting. Seeing as how I have the most random occurrences on a day to day basis, I guess I agree. Here goes nothing…

My birthday was August 3rd – wait, let’s rewind. My childhood-crush-turned-forbidden-love-interest’s birthday is the day before mine, so August 2nd (a few minutes past midnight, because I feel asleep) I called my friend and sang a lovely song off my latest album, entitled “Happy Birthday”.  I got the immediate business for being a few minutes late – but hey; I had to be courteous to his girlfriend (in my most sarcastic tone possible).

On my birthday, my best friend called me at midnight to wish me a happy born day. We actually talked for about an hour, because no one else called. Womp Womp. The text’s started pouring in around 1 or 2am, so I’m not complaining. I even got a few calls from old friends (Gotta love those. Special thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday forreal though). My boss/friends over at Fli Pelican got me an ice-cream cake, card and balloon. Yay! Other than that, I didn’t do too much; actually I think I went to work.

Speaking of work, on my birthday I was doing a freelance project with “this-company-that-will-not-be-named”.  I was contracted out to do a website and souvenir booklet for an annual convention taking place mid August. Remember, I said contracted out for a website and souvenir booklet. I must say, this was not one of my most fun freelance gigs. But money is money. Anyway, working with “this-company-that-will-not-be-named” was cool at first, but then my a**hole of a boss decided to give me full time work for part time pay. Part time, mostly because I wouldn’t come into an office and watch the event planner play on her computer every day. I won’t get into that, but I will say I completed my work with a smile on my face (and warning never to accept work from “this-company-that-will-not-be-named” again). I do have a few words for my boss and event planners…

Let’s fast forward; I think I’m a pretty decent person. I am kind and lend my ears to friends and strangers from time to time. In the middle of August I got an email from a Jane Doe, which was mildly creepy considering a few months earlier I received an email from a John Doe addressing the same issues.  Well anyway, I got an email from a Jane Doe basically explaining why I am a lonely b*tch. (Hey Jane, if you’re reading this, understand I got your email, I just didn’t have time to respond. I was too busy being a lonely b*tch). Now what gets to me is not a person’s opinion of Taylor, but a person’s opinion of Taylor built off of social networking. So, because you read my twitter and I’ve spewed a few melancholy song lyrics, I am lonely. Because from time to time, I spazz out or not @ reply to a useless/meaningless tweet, I am a b*tch. That’s awesome. Thanks for the feedback.

My home girl got laid. I didn’t. But she got laid and dude won’t call her. She is sad. I guess I’d rather be un-laid, than laid and can’t find dude. I think I advised her against her lay-ing, but you know girls are hard headed.  I love her.  Speaking of being hard headed, I also told her to NOT call that fool anymore. Ask me did she listen? Now, ask me did he blast her on twitter? Ok.

My best friend’s birthday (there are a lot of bdays in August – Team Leo!) is August 19th, and she had a really cute and cozy dinner at the Melting Pot. The Melting Pot is extremely disgusting, but I enjoyed spending time with her. I previously made a joke to her about being my estranged best friend, because we hadn’t really talked/hung out – due to personal issues on my behalf. Things are back to normal now (just in case ya’ll care).

Moving along, I was sick for the latter part of August. Oh yeah, this one day I went out with some friends to J. Alexander’s for dinner. I was supposed to meet up with my guy friend (everyone knows what a guy friend is; someone you’re actively dating) after dinner to go to the movies – but yeah…I ended up at Wet Willes, sober and irritated. This guy talked me and my girl to DEATH, almost giving me an anxiety attack. I mean, he must have been the lamest nigga in Atlanta. Gosh.

It was cool because when I left, I headed to meet up with my guy friend at Phipps. I saw him for a bit, you know; shoot the shit and what have you, which was fun. Then we said our goodbyes and I drove home. Home is about 40mins south of Atlanta by the way. I pull into my garage (this is about 1am), tired and sleepy, only to find this bastard left his phone in my car (sorry for the name calling). Me being the person I am, decided it would be best if I took him his phone. We don’t have any mutual friends, so I figured there was no way I could let him know I had his phone without physically bringing it to him. He better be glad I like to drive (it clears my mind) because it took me an hour to get to his house. ONLY to find this fool is sleep and won’t answer the door.  Needless to say, I left a note on his car door saying his phone was in his mail box. I should’ve launched that b*tch into the woods…kidding

After my long drive home for the second time that night (it’s about 3am), I pull up to find there is a life size beetle on my door. Do you expect me to go in the house? I didn’t think so. I slept on my aunt’s couch that night. Thank God she lives down the street.

What’s next? Ok yeah, fast forward, I got into a car accident. Randomly driving on the freeway, my steering wheel locked mid turn, causing me to spin out down a ramp/bridge.  I totally thought I was going to die. Time out, a few days before that I got a text from my mommy saying, “Please be careful. I love you.”. Then a text from my cousin and aunt (from two separate sides of the family) basically saying the same thing. Creepy right?  Time in.  So I thought I was going to die, and apparently my best friend and home girl did too (they were in the car in front of me).  That night ended pretty cool though. We went to the mall, movies and other cool stuff to take my mind off my near death experience.

The next day I sold my car. Seriously. And didn’t have a car for the entire week. Which was OK. The process has been prolonged because the car I wanted got sold the day after I had a verbal agreement with the dealership. How does that work in a court of law anyone? I ended up pretty smooth though because the dealership offered a better car (fully load and such) for the same price. I win right? Wrong. I still don’t have it. Why? Because it’s the holiday weekend and they can’t process paperwork. Great. That’s ok, because I will be skating out on dubs by the end of the week.

I got a text message from Lil Wayne; or someone pretending to be Lil Wayne. Straight from the jail cell, because he snuck a cell phone in, and I was the only number he could dial. As much as I wanted that to be hilarious, it was just annoying. Especially after they wouldn’t tell me who they were or how they got my number.

Truthfully I left out a bunch of crap. Maybe I’ll do a recap of September and be more detailed. Ciao.

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