Dear You

Please don’t think I am crazy. I’m not, really. I’m just kinda feeling you. A lot. I don’t know how, and so soon. Right? Right. There is something about you. Something strong. Funny. Caring. Motivated. Smart. Loyal. You know, attractive stuff. You got it. I like you. Its been a while. But i really do. You are everything I think I need. Need, because your not perfect. But you fit well. I am kinda scared of that. I’m not gonna jump the gun, so Ima take it slow. Slow works in any situation. Right? Right. Cool? Cool. Glad you understand.

P.S. Where do you come from? 🙂



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I am me and I do things that I do. What of it?

One thought on “Dear You”

  1. ‘But you fit well” *sigh* like shoes, dresses, and everything else women love…a man should be a great fit! tailored perfectly for you 🙂

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