I probably should date a Vampire :-/

No seriously…Ive been into the Vampire / Werewolves movies ever since I was a little girl. I just like fantasy, action and adventure flix!  This is kinda late, but I just LOVED the movie Twilight 🙂 so I wanted to share.

Based on a #1 New York Best seller by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight is an action packed {mildly creepy} love story of a teenage girl and a vampire! They the main Vamp did a lot of cute stuff in the movie, like watching his love sleep LOL <–ok it was cute…I swear!

…so yeah I probably should date a vampire because they obviously LOVE deep. And I want that.

It comes out on DVD March 21! Who wants to get it for me??? J/K 🙂

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