WOW! Facebook is taking OVER!

Google has a blog search tool. Its pretty straight foward. Click the link, type in keyword/topics related to what you are looking for, click search. Bada boom. Bada bing. RESULTS!

I tried this bad baby out, and after typing in digital media, a bunch of blogs popped up about Facebook. A blog that stuck out to me was the Digital Media Wire, mostly because it was the first result in my search (LOL…Im kind of lazy).

Skimming through the article I found out Facebook has about 80 BILLION users.That’s twice as many users as it’s closest competitor, Myspace.

Moment of silence…

WOW! OMG! 80 BILLION?!?! I remember when I first joined facebook, about four years ago…entering my freshman year of college. There were no applications, add-ons, etc., and it was only open to college students. Now, Facebook has evolved into a mega-communcation tool. Coolbeans! Join..if you haven’t already 🙂

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