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Street Wear:: ¥€$ ‘Young Enterprising Society’

Check out this awesome crew neck tee shirt and sweat shirt from ¥oung €nterprising $ociety. The Yen Euro Dollar brand presents various graphic tees and sweat shirts in a multitude of colors. My… Continue reading

‘Joe’s Coney Island’ Streetwear @JoesConeyIsland

I miss just about everything about Detroit. Check out this super dope crew neck sweat shirt from ‘Joe’s Coney Island’ brand wear. Hailing from Detroit, Joe Lawton (lead designer), basically capitalized on a… Continue reading


SO…there was another elimination for MSU Next Top Model…this time they gave two girls the boot :( I actually made it through this round though (yay! whew…)! Here is my pic… Tight? I… Continue reading