[New Video]: I Am Your Leader – Nicki Minaj ft. Rick Ross & Cam’ron

Check out the new video for “I Am Your Leader” by Nicki Minaj featuring Rick Ross and Cam’ron. Complete with colored wigs, tattooed man-boobs, and old school dip set swag – this video is fun. Nicki is a cutie and Cam’ron is still my boyfriend from 8th grade.

Take a look at the video when you read more.

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Kanye West “MONSTER” Offical Video Leak

The thing is…I’ve been waiting on this video.

Because this is the leaked version…it will probably be down pretty soon. So get your thrills while you can.

Kanye always delivers exceptional, vividly visual and thought provoking videos. This one is no different.  Interesting to say the least. Having a dark, foreboding overtone combined with a wide array of hip hop legends, the “Monster” video paints a dark, detailed picture for one of the best singles off his new album.