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New Music: Britney Spears Feat. Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha “Until The World Ends” REMIX

Ok so this song may not be new at all….but its relatively new to me. And I really really enjoy listening to it. Mostly Nicki Minaj’s part….you know, where she basically devours Lil Kim. Again.

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Nicki Minaj Ft. Drake – Moment 4 Life [Official Video]

Nicki Minaj premiered the video for her single, ”Moment 4 Life,” on MTV tonight.

We got to meet Minaj’s newest alter ego Martha, who played the role of her fairy godmother. Here she go.


Nicki Minaj – Moment 4 Life [VIDEO Sneak Peek]

And yes, I am on a Nicki Minaj overload. So what?

Check out a sneak peek of the video for her latest single “Moment 4 Life”, featuring Drake. The video looks creative. I can’t wait to see it.


Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne – Romans Revenge [REMIX]

A free Lil Wayne is popping up everywhere. Awesome.

The thing is, I didn’t even like this song at first. I actually thought I hated it for about 10 minutes straight. Now, I keep walking around rawr’ing at people like a dungeon dragon. Go figure.


Nicki Minaj Covers V Magazine – Spring Preview 2011

Random. I silently hope her popularity doesn’t fade due to overkill. Mostly because I’m a fan.

In other more important news, Nicki landed yet another magazine cover. V-Magazine sat down with the vixen (can I use that word?) to discuss everything from her album sales success, possible collaborations with her caucasian counter-part Lady Gaga, and relationship status.

Looking fierce as usual…

What does all your success mean to you?

I’m proud that women, female rappers that come in this game after Nicki Minaj can see that, you know what? There is a chance for you to sell just as much as the boys and to be recognized. And you don’t have to feel like, because you’re a female rapper, you going to not be recognized. And so for that alone, I’m proud. I’m happy.

Kanye West “MONSTER” Offical Video Leak

The thing is…I’ve been waiting on this video.

Because this is the leaked version…it will probably be down pretty soon. So get your thrills while you can.

Kanye always delivers exceptional, vividly visual and thought provoking videos. This one is no different.  Interesting to say the least. Having a dark, foreboding overtone combined with a wide array of hip hop legends, the “Monster” video paints a dark, detailed picture for one of the best singles off his new album.


@NickiMinaj Lands Jan 2011 Cover of KING Magazine

Nicki Minaj cover’s another issue of King magazine; the January 2011 issue. I’m not completely impressed with the consistency of boob and wig action she gives us for each shoot. She does look fab though…and she  is definitely marketable as crap. So…gone getcho money girl! No shade.

First Look At Kanye West’s “Monster” Music Video

I am super anxious to see the final cut. Boom.


Lil Kim “Black Friday” [Shots Fired @NickiMinaj]

Time out. Biggie must have visited Kim in her dreams and told her to get her sh*t together. She spit a few bogus lines, but hunny…

The thing is, I respect Nicki and I respect Kim. Nicki getting her money and Kim is staying relevant.

@NickiMinaj ‘PINK FRIDAY’ Lipstick X MAC Cosmetics

During her recent interview on the Wendy Williams show, Nicki Minaj revealed that she has collaborated with MAC Cosmetics on a “Pink Friday” shade of lipstick. It definitely screams BARBIE B*TCH!

Details are sketchy, but the current word is that it will be sold on the MAC site on Fridays only for the next four weeks, starting Friday November 26th.

Interesting to see how many Barbies AND Kens are going to be walking around with pretty pink lips (LOL)


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