The Kardashian Brand

Because I am semi-obsessed with the Kardashian brand.

The whole crew posed for the camera’s at the “Kardashian Kollection for SEARS” clothing line launch party in Hollywood California. And because I think they are all beautiful, in their own unique way…I’ve decided to share a picture.

Royal Wedding Photo’s

This is world history people!

For those (much like myself) who did not wake up at 4am to watch the Royal Wedding, but still would like to see the dress, the couple, the Queen, the hats, the people, etc..

Again, me googling the sh*t out of the wedding.

Click thumbnails for larger images.

The Royal Wedding Dress : Kate Middleton in Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton, who married Prince William today, chose Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen to design her dress.

I didn’t get up at 4am to watch the ceremony, but after googling the sh*t out of her dress, I can say she looked stunning. I hope when I get married people will scramble to design my dress, celebrities and people of influence from all over will attend, I’ll get 5hr media coverage, become the next Queen of England and stuff. Lucky Gal!

WHY Are You Hating I LOVE YOU! @Sir_ShAnimal

It’s about time Shan released some HOT LAVA. Check out his newest single “I love you”, which basically lets everyone know, even the haters…he loves you! Smile b*tches!

Ahhh… I love it! I love it! I am not hate-ing, I love it!

This is Big Shan performing “I Love You” at the Hometown Heros Concert in Detroit! How much do you LOVE the midget hype man??? (Totally kidding, I know he is a kid)

…blonde hair

Fli Pelican Video Look Book Preview Feat. @NiaNRiley and @BeiMaejor

I am excited to present to you Clip 1 from the Fli Pelican Video Look Book!

This was a shortened clip, designed to give you the smallest preview possible of what Fli Pelican has to offer for the 2010 Fall/Winter season. They’ve decided to feature music artist Bei Maejor and model Nia Riley as the headliners for this venture. Beautiful.

Clip 2 will drop later TODAY! um. hello. this is the biz.

@EdgeMagazineLLC is Finally Here! Check Them Out HERE!

I am Taylor Harris, and I approve this message:

Created by Detroit natives – Iman Milner, Camara Mathis and Ashley Nguyen (honorary native), “EDGE Magazine” was conceived out of a necessity for youth culture to have a positive medium to genuinely call their own. The interpretation of the urban youth is one that is marked with negative cameos that are often cyclic and tedious in sensibility. There is an inherent individuality about urban youth that is often shrouded by big ideas and paradigms.

As I am totally smitten with the concept and aesthetic of EDGE Magzine – you should be too. Check them out! They officially launched August 1st. Awesome.

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